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Friendlys Kids

Friendly’s Ice Cream Company wanted to launch an engaging website with games and fun interactive activities aimed at children 6-12 years old, with the goal of enticing them to the Friendly’s brand and the various creative ice cream products they offer. The art direction was a unique challenge in that the “environment” is completely hand-drawn, pencil-on-paper, then scanned in, colorized, and brought into Flash for animation and placement. Every month a new game is added, and the high-scoreboard tracks the best players from around the world.

April, 2010 Update: The website has been taken down, so we are no longer linking to it here. Please view the screenshots above to see the samples of the design work we did.



  • Agency of Record: Zimmerman
  • Creative Director: (Zimmerman) Jordan Lipton
  • Account Executives: (Zimmerman) Scott Thaler, Audrey Mitchell, Alexandra Gresham, Rose Marie Adamo, Juliette Philipson
  • Project Management: (Zimmerman) Otilia Amarandei
  • Production Agency: FRANK. Worldwide
  • Consulting & Project Management: (FRANK.) Abdul Muhammad
  • Project Management: (FRANK.) Nicole Remmer
  • Design: (FRANK.) Chad Esper and Luke Dupont
  • Flash Programming: (FRANK.) Chris Hubert