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Friendly’s Restaurant

Friendly Ice Cream Corporation is the owner and operator of the Friendly’s restaurant chain on the east coast of the United States. Founded in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts by two young brothers, 18-year-old Curtis Blake and 20-year-old S. Prestley Blake, their first shop only served double-dip cones for 5 cents. Many Friendly’s have an old-fashioned street clock at the entrance of the restaurant with the name of the town, although newer and renovated stores do not have these. The company has 16,000 employees, and Ned R. Lidvall is the president and CEO.

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  • Agency of Record: Zimmerman
  • Creative Director: Jordan Lipton
  • Account Executives: Scott Thaler, Audrey Mitchell, Alexandra Gresham, Rose Marie Adamo, Juliette Philipson
  • Project Management: Otilia Amarandei, Nicole Remmer
  • Production: FRANK. Worldwide
  • Consulting: Abdul Muhammad
  • Design: Chad Esper and Luke Dupont
  • Flash Programming: Chris Hubert