New Media Minds.

Our Mission

verb: to come from a different angle. Or stand-point.

. We are a group of top branding and digital experts with a network that expands internationally and into all areas of the branding, digital and technology discipline. There is no job that we can’t do for you – go ahead, try us.

. We will create integrated media campaigns for your business, from the small to the large, the online to the offline…and everything in between. The driving force of our business seeks to strategize a core message for your brand and integrate that message across all media outlets and delivery avenues.

. Today’s world is as much about the online community as it is about the tangible offline community. Do you have the right tools to be part of the conversation? It’s all about consumer interaction, and the design and user experience of that connection. This can occur between your brand and product or service in many contexts, both on and offline. We are obsessed with bridging the gap and making the conversation seamless and genuine between you and your consumers.

. As an expertise, /Slant.Point uses digital media – web, online applications, offline digital utilities, mobile, and more – to disseminate brand messages. We also use the current tools provided in the Social Network & News Media (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, iTunes, and the like) as core media buzz vehicles and methods of managing brand reputations. We strongly recommend this route no matter the client category, size or overall brand strategy: people are already talking about your brand and you’re either and “in”…or you’re “in the way” of their conversations about you.